International Symposium on Deep-time Environmental & Climatic Extremes and Biotic Responses

22-24 May, 2018, Wuhan, China

22-24 May, 2018, Wuhan, China                                           22-24 May, 2018, Wuhan, China                                            22-24 May, 2018, Wuhan, China


Dear colleagues and friends,

  IGCP630 and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) invite you to participate in the International Symposium on Deep-time Environmental & Climatic Extremes and Biotic Responses in Wuhan, China, a beautiful city in central China. The Symposium will consist of a three-day meeting and be complemented by two field excursions before and one after the symposium, respectively to examine excellent marine and non-marine Permian–Triassic boundary sections, marine Lower-Middle Triassic successions as well as other major well-recorded extreme climate, environmental & biotic events (i.e., Snowball Earth event, O/S mass extinction, G/L mass extinction) in China.

  The symposium will consist of presentations and posters that summarize main results that IGCP630 members and other researchers have obtained and focus on the causes and consequences of Permian–Triassic events and ecosystem recovery, as well as extreme climatic, environmental & biotic events during other critical periods in the geological past. Field excursions include: a three-day field excursion before the symposium to the well-studied Chaohu section, Anhui Province, examining the PTB and Lower Triassic successions and events (including well-known marine reptile fossil lagerstätten), and a four-day excursion before the symposium to Xian City and adjacent areas to investigate a non-marine Triassic succession recording ecosystem collapse and rebuilding on land, and a five-day excursion after the symposium to the classic long section recording the Ediacaran-Jurassic period of earth history in the beautiful Three Georges area, western Hubei Province.

  Convenors:  Zhong-Qiang Chen, Jinnan Tong & Laishi Zhao