International Symposium on Deep-time Environmental & Climatic Extremes and Biotic Responses

22-24 May, 2018, Wuhan, China

Field Excursion

  Pre-Symposium field excursion to Chaohu area, Anhui Province (3 days;May 19–21, 2018): The Chaohu area records the complete Carboniferous to Middle Triassic succession and is also the ideal place to see the consolidation between the South China and North China Blocks during the Middle-Late Triassic. This 3-day field trip aims to examine (1) marine uppermost Permian to topmost Lower Triassic successions, (2) the P-Tr, I-O and S-S boundary successions, and (3) exceptionally preserved Chaohu (Spathian) marine vertebrate Fossil lagerstätten.
Leaders: Lei Zhang (, CUG; Jiandong Huang: Anhui Geological Museum.

  All the members of the IOB working group will jion this field excursion.